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Andrew C Todd, PhD

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Professor Todd is a Ph.D. physicist, who has been the Principal Investigator on several NIH-funded studies focused on the human health effects of lead and a co-investigator on many others. Currently, he is the Director of the CDC/NIOSH World Trade Center Health Program General Responder Data Center at Mount Sinai, a Center with 40 staff that manages Program data for over 50,000 general responders involved in the rescue and recovery efforts that followed the attacks on September 11, 2001. In the aftermath of the WTC attacks, Professor Todd led all non-medical aspects of the provision of medical evaluation and subsequent treatment of WTC rescue and recovery workers. His compelling grant application to site the WTC General Responder Data Center at Mount Sinai was awarded in 2002, and the Data Center has remained at Mount Sinai through each contract cycle. After fulfilling several leadership roles, he became Director of the Data Center in 2017. Professor Todd has been a faculty member at Mount Sinai since 1992 and was granted tenure in 2023.

PROFESSOR | Environmental Medicine & Public Health
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Environmental Health, Occupational Health