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Anthony Fargnoli, PhD

About Me

I am a result oriented biomedical engineer with over 10 years of combined academic-industrial experience holding several research and leadership positions. I have conducted high quality research in the medical device and the gene therapeutics field, primarily through directing the operations for the Cardiovascular Research Center faculty at Mount Sinai. My primary research interests include but are not limited to: animal model development, computational tools for imaging analysis, cardiac gene delivery systems, biomaterials, rDNA technologies, and drug/gene combination systems. My long term goals are to develop commercially available myocardial cell and gene therapeutic delivery systems for the clinic and promote the overall growth of drug/gene/device combination systems. To achieve these goals I’ve developed a robust skill set with a distinguished productivity record in the following areas: (1) Magnetic Resonance Imaging analysis (2) Surgical model development and (3) Combination device system strategies to maximize efficacy (e.g. developed the field’s first application of liquid jet mediated adeno-associated viral vector delivery in post ischemic myocardium. A penultimate achievement for our laboratory was advancing the Molecular Cardiac Surgery with Recirculating Delivery (MCARD) platform through the Pre-IND submission. Further studies, which will be carried out at the Mount Sinai Medical School will involve a pharmacology and toxicity study as a prerequisite to a Phase I clinical trial of the MCARD procedure as well as investigation of various strategies utilizing miRNA and mSCF to induce regeneration of cardiac function. These studies using clinically applicable technology may lead to new treatments for heart failure and other cardiac disorders.
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Medicine, Cardiology