Brian Iacoviello

Brian Iacoviello, PhD

About Me

Dr. Iacoviello's research focuses on the patterns of thinking and behavior that underlie depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders such as PTSD, social anxiety and OCD.  Specifically, he is interested in understanding the role of cognitive biases, or maladaptive thinking patterns, that result in depression and anxiety.  These include biased attention patterns and negative cognitive styles that lead people to "focus on the negative."  He is interested in understanding how these cognitive biases develop (typically in response to traumatic or stressful life events), how they lead to depression and anxiety, and how they can be targeted and changed with psychological treatments. 

Dr. Iacoviello's clinical focus is on the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders using cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-enhancing techniques, including ACT and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).  He works with adolescents and adults struggling with a variety of difficulties including depression, PTSD, OCD, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, relationship difficulties, overwhelming stress, chronic pain, overcoming difficulties with interpersonal relationships, anger management and impulse control.  His approach to psychotherapy focuses on understanding the difficulties the patient faces as well as identifying patients' strengths to overcome them, reducing the pain and distress patients currently experience and developing skills and behaviors to avoid problems in the future.  Psychotherapy with Dr. Iacoviello typically involves a combination of exploring the past influences on your thinking and behavior, understanding how these patterns help and hinder you right now, and using cognitive, behavioral and mindfulness techniques to help you make the changes that you want for your life.    

Financial & Billing Information

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