Cameron S Mcalpine

Cameron S Mcalpine, PhD

About Me

Dr. McAlpine completed his PhD at McMaster University in Canada and his postdoctoral training at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The overarching theme of the McAlpine lab is to investigate brain-body communication circuits in chronic inflammatory disorders. We have specific focuses on (1) the bidirectional relationship between sleep and inflammatory networks in cardiovascular disease, and (2) how hematopoietic growth factors mediate glial-peripheral immune crosstalk in neurodegenerative diseases. We study interactions among leukocytes and glial cells in the brain and how brain-peripheral immune communication – via afferent/efferent neuropeptidergic and immune pathways – programs myeloid cell function and hematopoiesis in atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and neurodegeneration. We use mouse models and human trials to study how lifestyle factors, including sleep and exercise, modulate these interactions. The McAlpine lab is highly multidisciplinary and incorporates innovative tools and approaches at the interface of immunology, cardiology, and neuroscience to study the fundamental impact neuro-immune interactions and brain-body communication in heart and brain disorders.

The McAlpine lab website can be found here:

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Medicine, Cardiology, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Neuroscience
Research Topics

Alzheimer's Disease, Atherosclerosis, Brain, Cardiovascular, Hematopoiesis, Immunology, Inflammation, Macrophage, Sleep Medicine

Multi-Disciplinary Training Areas

Immunology [IMM], Neuroscience [NEU]