David Hefer

David Hefer, MD

About Me

Originally from Europe Dr. David Hefer has found his way back to Mount Sinai Morningside where he had originally trained in the early 2000s. Having worked as a dedicated ‘nocturnist’ (i.e. an Internal Medicine Hospital Doctor who works during the night only) for close to a decade he is especially interested in optimizing the clinical care for hospitalized patients during the nighttime. In addition given his prior work in small isolated hospitals on the neighbor islands in Hawaiʻi he focuses his teaching activities with residents to highlight the differences they might face when working in a setting where medical top-specialists are not always readily available. Furthermore, he is intrigued by how innovative telemedicine approaches might help to lessen geographical disparities in health care delivery as well as clinical research in the future.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Medicine, Hospital Medicine
Hospital Affiliations
  • Mount Sinai Morningside
  • Mount Sinai West