Dolores Hambardzumyan

Dolores Hambardzumyan, PhD, MBA

About Me

Dolores Hambardzumyan, Ph.D., MBA, is a neuroscientist focusing on neuro-oncology. She is a tenured Professor in Oncological Sciences and Neurosurgery, and a member of the Tisch Cancer Center. She conducts research on the brain tumor microenvironment and its impact on tumor response to therapy. Dr. Hambardzumyan has developed methods for immune profiling of brain tumors, including the development of novel markers to distinguish and lineage-trace various populations of tumor-associated macrophages. She has demonstrated that genetic driver mutations can define the composition and function of the tumor microenvironment and can modify tumor response to therapy. She is particularly interested in developing novel therapeutic pathways for the treatment of glioblastoma in both children and adults. Dr. Hambardzumyan received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Buniatian Institute of Biochemistry at the National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Armenia, and an MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. She did postgraduate fellowships in cancer biology and radiation oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and in neuronal plasticity and transplantation at the French National Institute of Health and Research. She held previous academic appointments at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Cleveland Clinic, and Emory University.

PROFESSOR | Neurosurgery, PROFESSOR | Oncological Sciences
Research Topics

Angiogenesis, Anti-Tumor Therapy, Bioinformatics, Blood-Brain Barrier, Brain, Brain Imaging, Cellular Immunity, Chemokines, Chemotaxis, Cytokines, Drug Resistance, Genomics, Knockout Mice, Microglia, Neurobiology, Neuroscience, Signal Transduction, Translational Research, Two-Photon Imaging

Multi-Disciplinary Training Areas

Cancer Biology [CAB], Neuroscience [NEU]