Edgar Gonzalez-Kozlova

Edgar Gonzalez-Kozlova, PhD

Edgar Gonzalez-Kozlova (Preferred Name)

About Me

Dr. Edgar Gonzalez-Kozlova is a computational biologist whose research focuses on identifying the molecular mechanisms behind cellular and immunological signaling in chronic and infectious diseases. He completed his studies in Biological Sciences at UNMSM (Peru) and obtained his Ph.D. in bioinformatics at UFMG (Brazil) in 2016. Subsequently, he continued his training at ISMMS. Dr. Gonzalez-Kozlova's research comprises developing and applying computer science algorithms to answer biological questions in multi-OMICs datasets (RNAseq, Proteomics, Epigenetics, Secretomics, Histology and, Genomics). His work has allowed the prediction of B-Cell epitopes in neglected tropical diseases and the identification of molecular and cellular patterns in immune cell populations associated with outcomes in various illnesses, such as cancer, tuberculosis, dengue, and Covid19.  In 2021 Dr. Gonzalez-Kozlova joined the faculty of Mount Sinai as Assistant Professor.