Garrett T Desman

Garrett T Desman, MD

About Me

Dr. Garrett Desman is an Assistant Professor of Pathology and Dermatology. He has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, several book chapters, and is the author of the original textbook, “Barnhill’s Dermatopathology Challenge: Self-Assessment and Review”. He has lectured at numerous national and international academic conferences, such as the American Society of Dermatopathology and the Pathological Society of Puerto Rico. Additionally, Dr. Desman is part of the faculty for the Oakstone Dermatology Board Review Course, where he lectures on dermal tumors and cutaneous lymphoproliferative disorders. His academic interests include the identification of molecular and immunohistochemical markers of melanomagenesis. In particular, he has focused on soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC) and the use of its immunohistochemical marker (R21) in deciphering between benign and malignant melanocytic proliferations. Additionally, he conducts innovative research on the use of various cytokine and growth factor markers (immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization) in diagnostically evaluating complex inflammatory diseases.
ASSISTANT CLINICAL PROFESSOR | Pathology, Molecular and Cell Based Medicine