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Heiddis B Valdimarsdottir

Heiddis B Valdimarsdottir, PhD

About Me

Dr. Heiðdís Valdimarsdóttir has extensive experience in the psychological  and biological evaluation of individuals with cancer and among individuals at familial/genetic risk for breast cancer, and has conducted numerous R01 awards, including studies focused on: biological correlates of distress and  psychobiological reactivity to acute stressors and among individuals at risk for cancer, developing and testing culturally targeted genetic counseling interventions for minority  women to help them with their BRCA testing decisions, developing and testing interactive CDROM decision task to help BRCA mutation carriers with the preventive and surveillance decisions, examining the impact of expressive writing intervention in reducing psychological and biological indices of stress among cancer patients, and developed and pilot tested  and intervention examining if exposure to circadian-effective affects circadian rhythms, fatigue, depression and sleep  among cancer patients and cancer survivors. Internationally, Dr. Valdimarsdóttir collaborates with Dr. Robert Zachariae at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, Dr. Eveline Bleiker at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Dr. Birna Baldursdóttir at the Reykjavík University Iceland.

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR | Population Health Science and Policy, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR | Oncological Sciences
Research Topics

Behavioral Health, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Cancer Genetics, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Hematopoiesis, Immunology, Prostate, Psychiatry