Ian S Maze

Ian S Maze, PhD

About Me

Ian S. Maze, Ph.D., is a chromatin biologist and neuroscientist investigating the complex interplay between chromatin regulatory mechanisms and neural plasticity in the mammalian central nervous system. His multidisciplinary and integrative research involves the use of biochemical, biophysical, physiological and behavioral analyses to explore the molecular underpinnings of neurodevelopmental and adult cognitive and psychiatric disorders. Dr. Maze is actively investigating the brains of rodents and postmortem humans, as well as human iPSC-derived neurons, to uncover chromatin-based mechanisms of neurological disease.

PROFESSOR | Neuroscience, PROFESSOR | Pharmacological Sciences
Research Topics

Addiction, Behavior, Chromatin, Depression, Drug Design and Discovery, Gene Expressions, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience

Multi-Disciplinary Training Areas

Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics (DMT), Neuroscience [NEU]