Irene Cal Y Mayor-Turnbull

Irene Cal Y Mayor-Turnbull, MD

About Me

Before joining the Cardiovascular Research Institute at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, I completed my MD degree at University of Guanajuato, a residency in general surgery and fellowship in vascular surgery in Mexico. At the Cardiovascular Research Institute, I spearheaded projects related to cell-based therapy approaches, tissue engineering, and nanotherapeutic technologies for cardiovascular applications.  My research involves the refinement of human models of myocardium applying tissue engineering technologies. These models are employed to unravel the mechanisms underlying cardiac disorders, they also serve as platforms for cardiac toxicity screening, and are valuable tools for personalized medicine applications.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Medicine, Cardiology
Research Topics

Biomechanics/Bioengineering, Cardiovascular, Cellular Differentiation, Induced pluripotent stem cells, Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering