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About Me

Dr. Ham is a clinical psychologist, Associate Clinical Professor in Psychiatry, and Director of the Center for Child Trauma and Resilience.

He spends much of his time training and consulting others in treating and working with children, families and adults who have experienced family trauma. He has received numerous federal and local grants focused on developing and disseminating trauma-informed practices and evaluating trauma-informed programs. 

Dr. Ham provides psychotherapy through his faculty practice and collaborates on research in child traumatic stress and psychotherapy. His clinical focus is on applying modern relational approaches to the treatment of complex trauma in children and adults. 

Dr. Ham has a YouTube channel and a blog through which he shares his clinical musings for the sake of helping others heal from trauma. 

Dr. Ham received the Jane Sadow Teaching Award in Psychology in 2018.  

Select Publications:

  • Zhang W, Ham J, Li Q, Deyssenroth MA, Lambertini L, Huang Y, et al. (2020) Moderate prenatal stress may buffer the impact of Superstorm Sandy on placental genes: Stress in Pregnancy (SIP) Study. PLoS ONE 15(1): e0226605. 
  • Nomura, Y., Davey, K., Pehme, P. M., Finik, J., Glover, V., Zhang, W., Huang, Y., Buthmann, J., Dana, K., Yoshida, S., Tsuchiya, K. J., Li, X. B., & Ham, J. (2019). Influence of in utero exposure to maternal depression and natural disaster-related stress on infant temperament at 6 months: The children of Superstorm Sandy. Infant mental health journal, 40(2), 204–216. 
  • Ham, J, Tronick E (2009). Relational psychophysiology: Lessons from mother-infant physiology research on dyadically expanded states of consciousness. Psychotherapy Research.
  • Marci CD, Ham J, Moran, EK, Orr SP. Physiologic Correlates of Perceived Therapist Empathy and Social-Emotional Process during Psychotherapy. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 2007; 195(2): 103-111.
  • Ham J, Tronick EZ (2006). Infant resilience to the stress of the still-face: Infant and maternal psychophysiology are related. In the Annals of the New York Academy of Science: Proceedings from the Resilience in Children conference of the NYAS, Washington, DC, February 26, 2006.
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