Marta Luksza

Marta Luksza, PhD

About Me

I am a computer scientist working on topics at the interface of evolutionary biology and immunology. We apply approaches from information theory, statistical mechanics and machine learning to understand how the immune system and other biophysical phenotypes affect the evolution of viruses and cancer. Understanding their evolutionary dynamics and ways of adaptation is crucial for the design of treatments and vaccine selection.

Previously, we have developed computational methods for inference of fitness effects from genetic, phenotypic and epidemiological data for predicting the evolution of the influenza virus. The model is currently used to consult the World Health Organization vaccine strain selection. We also proposed a predictive model for therapy response of tumors evolving under strong selection from the immunotherapy. These studies have laid the groundwork for investigating personalized neoantigen vaccines for patients with various cancer types. 

We are looking for highly motivated students and postdocs to join our lab and conduct research in the area of cancer or virus evolution.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Oncological Sciences, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Genetics and Genomic Sciences
Research Topics

Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Cancer, Infectious Disease, Influenza Virus, Viruses and Virology

Multi-Disciplinary Training Areas

Genetics and Genomic Sciences [GGS]