Michael S Breen

Michael S Breen, PhD

About Me

Dr. Michael S Breen is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Genetics and Genomic Sciences, and a faculty member of the Icahn Genomics Institute, the Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment, the Pamela Sklar Division of Psychiatric Genomics, and the Mindich Child Health and Development Institute.

Research in our laboratory is at the intersection of functional genomics, computational biology and neuroscience. Our lab dissects the cellular and molecular mechanisms that drive brain development and their dysfunction in neurodevelopmental disorders. We also study the immunogenetics of rare developmental disorders. We are especially focused on mechanisms related to post-transcriptional RNA modifications (A-to-I RNA editing), alternative splicing, gene expression, and protein interactions/networks, as well as the genetic drivers of this variability. We generate multimodal genomic data from hiPSC neuronal models, postmortem brain tissues, and peripheral blood samples, and analyze these data under a prism of computational methods and tools. Our ultimate goal is to advance discovery of high-value therapeutic targets, biomarkers and mechanisms that contribute to brain development and disease for subsequent functional and clinical validation.

RESEARCH TOPICS: brain development, autism spectrum disorder and syndromic subtypes, schizophrenia, neurodegeneration, immunogenetics of developmental disorders, human genetics, gene and protein expression, adenosine-to-inosine editing, mRNA secondary structure, alternative splicing, quantitative trait loci.

GENOMIC TECHNOLOGIES AND CELLULAR METHODS: WGS, WES, DNAm arrays, transcriptomics (single-cell RNA-seq, RNA-seq, long read isoform-sequencing), mass spectrometry proteomics and metabolomics, multi ‘omic’ computational models and tools, CRISPRi, fluorescence activated cell and nuclei sorting, cytometry time of flight, neuronal culturing, antisense oligonucleotides, hiPSC-derived neurons and neuronal model systems.


ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Genetics and Genomic Sciences
Research Topics

Autism, Biostatistics, Clinical Genomics, Computational Biology, Developmental Biology, Epigenomics, Gene Discovery, Gene Expressions, Gene editing, Genetics, Genomics, Metabolomics, Neurobiology, Proteomics, Psychiatry, RNA, RNA Splicing & Processing, Schizophrenia, Systems Biology

Multi-Disciplinary Training Areas

Genetics and Genomic Sciences [GGS], Neuroscience [NEU]