Ofer Jacobowitz

Ofer Jacobowitz, MD, PhD

About Me

Dr Jacobowitz specializes in the diagnosis and multimodal treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders, including advanced surgical techniques.  For the treatment of snoring, Dr Jacobowitz offers medical treatments and procedures, performed in the office setting.He served as the chair of the American Academy of Sleep medicine’s Sleep-related Breathing Disorders section and of all the membership sections and on the expert OSA outcomes committee.   He is the associate director of the center for sleep disorders at Orange Regional Medical Center.  Dr Jacobowitz has lectured nationally and internationally in national meetings, and has published research and review articles on sleep medicine and sleep apnea topics.  His research interests are in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of OSA. He is an FDA investigator in  THN 2 trial of hypoglossal neurostimulation for OSA. He is a recipient of the honor award from the Academy of otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and enjoys teaching externs from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and residents at Mount Sinai