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Robert Sebra, PhD

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Robert Sebra, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences, Director of The Center for Advanced Genomics Technology, and Director of Technology Development for the Genomics Core Facility at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He is a faculty member of the Icahn Genomics Institute. His research lab centers on creating and applying bulk and single cell molecular methods to generate highly resolved data using genomics technology for variant discovery and annotation. This research integrates single molecular and cellular genomics data with assays to assess chromatin accessibility, proteomics, and epigenetics data to decipher factors of pathogenesis versus normal cellular functions. Determining which cellular niches and mechanisms in complex primary tissues drive disease or resilience facilitates translation of functional genomics data using model systems for screening possible downstream regenerative and therapeutic potential using high throughput methods.

Ongoing research interests include:

  • Developing novel molecular methods and genome sequencing technologies
  • Advancing high-throughput functional genomics
  • Exploring whole genome and repeat content characterization for disease association
  • Analyzing surveillance and genomic characterization of pathogen transmission
  • Using genomics to temporally characterize development and pathogenesis
  • Translating genomic data in various oncologic diseases including gynecologic and breast cancers
PROFESSOR | Genetics and Genomic Sciences
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