William H Redd

William H Redd, PhD

About Me

Dr. Redd has been engaged in research on psychosocial-oncology and cancer prevention and control for more than 35 years and is credited for introducing behavioral psychology and behavioral medicine to research and clinical practice in cancer supportive care. His most recent research on controlling cancer-related fatigue has drawn considerable attention, including invitations to present at international meetings such as the Biotechnology World Congress, the World Congress of Psycho-Oncology and Psychosocial Academy, and the International Conference of Behavioral Medicine, along with two articles (2016, 2018) and an interview (2018) with the Wall Street Journal . In the last three years he has lectured at eleven universities and/or medical centers. For 40 years he has had NIH research support and a series of five NIH K-05 Research Scientist Awards. His current research examines: 1) the contribution of circadian rhythm disruption in cancer-related somatic and behavioral problems and 2) the role of systematic light exposure and programmed environmental illumination to ameliorate negative sequela of cancer and its treatment. His mission is to apply behavioral principles to understand and treat negative sequela of cancer and its treatment.


PROFESSOR | Population Health Science and Policy, PROFESSOR | Oncological Sciences