Zachary Neumann
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Zachary Neumann, PhD


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About Me

About Me: 

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, who is committed to helping my patients find relief from suffering and experience a greater sense of fulfillment and connection. I completed my PhD in Clinical Psychology at Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus). During my doctoral training, I have worked in various clinical settings throughout the New York City area. Currently I am an Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychiatry and Staff Psychologist at the Mount Sinai World Trade Center Mental Health Program. Additionally, I see patients privately through Mount Sinai Faculty Practice Associates. 

Areas of Specialization:
- Anxiety and Rumination
- Depression 
- Posttrauamtic Stress
- Self-criticism and Perfectionism
- Coping with Medical Illness of self or loved one
- Relationship Challenges

My Approach to Psychotherapy: 

Everyone’s journey in therapy is different. My first goal is to understand what you’re hoping to get out of treatment and to get a sense of what is feeling painful or difficult in your life. After learning more about these current challenges, I will also be interested in learning about you as a whole person - larger patterns in how you experience relationships, how you see yourself, and what can get in the way of feeling happy and fulfilled.

In this process, we sometimes find that some of the patterns we are feeling stuck with relate to experiences that have felt overwhelming, painful, or traumatic. It can be helpful to revisit those moments together with compassion and openness, so that we can more deeply understand how these experiences have impacted you. This understanding can help you break free from the cycles that are not serving you well and establish new channels for connection and growth.

I have also found that many of the issues we struggle with contain some element of feeling inadequate. “If only I were more successful, attractive, charming, or [insert your favorite superlative here], then I could finally stop putting so much pressure on myself and just be happy.” In the pressure-filled world we live in, it’s so hard to slow down and truly feel like you are enough. One of my main goals as a therapist is to help you let go of harsh or critical expectations of how you should be, so that you can focus on what truly feels enjoyable and rewarding.

In this process of exploration and shifting patterns in our lives, it’s often helpful to incorporate specific skills and strategies – things we can do right now to decrease stress and anxiety, communicate effectively, and improve our sense of well-being. In this aspect of therapy, I draw heavily from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and my multiple years of experience facilitating DBT skills groups.

Hospital Affiliations
  • The Mount Sinai Hospital